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Professional website design and intelligent, structured coding.

From creation to realization, we'll start your website off on the path to success.
Design isn't all about looking great: it's mostly about presenting information and features in an easily accessible way for visitors. To know how to do this, it's a requirement to understand how users think. Fortunately for our customers, we do. For example: We know that people don't go into specifics when visiting a web page, but rather quickly scan through the content to find what they're looking for. With that in mind, we structure the design to present your most important message(s) in a visually loud way. Hierchy, elegance, and simplicity is important to users, making it important to us. Design isn't all about having a sense for what colors look best together - it's also a psychology, a test of how well the designer can predict what visitors want to, and will, see.

Responsive Design

Just as people vary greatly in personality, monitors differ in size. From wide screens to mobile devices, our web page designs anticipate the need for responsive functionality in today's world. For many sites, having a mobile responsive web design is just as important as any other aspect of your website. Luckily, you've come to the right company to ensure your site enjoys these features.

Power in Simplicity

Many unsuccessful websites share one characteristic in common: They're just too complicated. They have too much going on, and this overload of information is incredibly antagonistic towards new visitors. When browsing the web for what they want, people generally won't devote the time to read stories and long paragraphs. Our simple, clean designs hook guests faster and more effectively because everything they need to know within their first few seconds is readily available and easy to navigate.

Higher Conversion Rates

While much of conversion statistics (that is, the number of people that ultimately end up, for example, purchasing your product or contacting you) is often attributed to SEO and promotion practices, your web page design plays a major role in hooking visitors. We've incorporated this idea into our design process by ensuring your site's prominent and most interesting features stand out from the rest.
Flashmade, Inc. will create unique web site design which will help you in the process of building your brand and developing online presence. Many website owners feel like their online presence is strong, but if their target does not get the message then all their efforts and expenses are helpless.

Each web design project has brought us new challenges and experience. Over a decade we have learned what works and what doesn't. We have built simple storefront web sites to a complex e-commerce systems.

We offer exceptional web design services to clients in both New Jersey and nationwide. Our services can be counted on, by anything from a small business to a large-sized corporation, to provide effective online marketing solutions that help convince site visitors into becoming customers to drive your revenue up. Always up to date with the latest technology, Flashmade, Inc. offers its professional expertise in web design to ensure your website reflects the best of your business.