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We'll raise conversion rates and boost online sales utilizing modern search engine optimization and online marketing techniques.

  • Keyword Research
  • Smart Content Writing
  • Careful HTML Mapping
  • Pay-Per-Click Utilization
  • Target Audience Analysis
  • Social Media Advertising

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One of the most cost effective ways to market your business is through SEO, as nealy 80% of online traffic is conducted through search engines. By utilizing our extensive and proven skills, we get your site to the sweet spot of search engine results – the top ten. This is done by various means, some of which include a deep analysis of keywords, competitors, and targeted traffic to properly adorn your website’s content, HTML mapping and appropriate schema tagging. Our method of reassurance involves a pledge: In the unlikely event that 30-50% of your keywords aren't on the first page of search engine results within the first eight months of working with us, we'll continue improving your site free of charge for three months after our self-imposed deadline.

Keyword Research

To search engines, keywords represent the vanguard of what your site has to offer. That said, appropriately chosen keywords that are relevant to your industry, as well as those that are relatable for your visitors, are a key part of success, no pun intended.

Smart Content Writing

Content has a dual purpose in the web world: Convey useful information to visitors and riddle it with keywords search engines will pick out. We accomplish both of these goals and create for you clean, graceful content that stands out to human and automated readers.

Careful HTML Mapping

Just as humans do, search engines have the tendency to more rapidly pick out what's most important when given something to look at. HTML mapping is an art we excel at by flawlessly incorporating efficient tag placement into the web page design.

Pay-Per-Click Utilization

Those ads you constantly see shining down from their automatic placement at the top of search engine results? They really do work. Pay-per-click is an excellent way to boost your web presence instantly. And with us running your PPC campaign, you'll find success closer than ever.

Target Audience Analysis

For SEO purposes, it's an extremely valuable asset to know what kind of audience your site is targeting. Where are these visitors? How would they go about finding you? In a way, it's similar to thinking like a hunter, if in a bit more peaceful way.

Social Media Advertising

Being involved with the people who visit your site is important. Acquiring a fan base that will create a buzz about your website and your services is a great way to get the word on the street about your website. We'll create Facebook and Google+ pages for you, and maintain them with relevant content.

Its not just about building your website - its about expanding your business.

Flashmade offers you ongoing support, periodic updates, monitoring your competitors and valuable insights into how well your website's ranking is progressing.

We focus on your business goals and create personalized strategy to meet your needs and support you throughout the process and answer your questions and concerns.

The most spectacular website out there would fail without proper internet marketing, think of it as the Mona Lisa in your livingroom with only a small circle of people viewing it. Take your website beyond just having SEO/SEM. You need to reach out to the places it matters, and if you would like some help in creating the best possible connection with your customers, get in touch with us. Here at Flashmade, it's what we do.